The Welsh Raiders are picked from the current ski club members, and a team of ten compete in a series of six races throughout the Summer months at Gloucester ski slope.

The morning consists of two timed runs, best time to count. The racers are then ordered fastest to slowest and split into groups of four (4 fastest etc.). Each racer with in the group then has three dual slalom races against each other.

League points are scored, in the morning by finishing as high up the rankings as possible within your category then in the afternoon three points for a win, two for a draw and one if you complete the course with no penalty.

Summer Racing League 2016

The race dates for the 2016 summer league are follows:

  • Sat 14th May
  • Sat 18th June
  • Sat 16th July
  • Sat 20th August
  • Sat 17th September
  • Sat 8th October